netselect — find fastest site based on lowest ICMP latency

💻 netselect is an open source CLI tool as well as Go library to find the fastest host(s) based on the lowest ICMP latency.

It’s a handy tool to choose a mirror for apt, or just to compare sites to each other. Under the hood it’s just an ICMP ping.

$ netselect       55 ms  100% ok         ( 3/ 3)        56 ms  100% ok         ( 3/ 3)        59 ms  100% ok         ( 3/ 3)

Github repo — pgollangi/netselect

Try it and let me know your feedback. I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Finds the fastest host(s) in terms of network connectivity.
  • Run desired concurrent findings to get faster results. Use flag --concurrent.
  • Customize no. of ping attempt to perform for each host to get accurate mean response time. Use flag --attempts.
  • Display only top n results on output. Use flag --output.
  • Optionally, direct netselect to send “unprivileged” pings via UDP for non-sudo users. Use --privileged=false


netselect available as Commnad-Line tool and Go library.

$ netselect [options] **
$ netselect -v
$ netselect --help

For more information on CLI usage, please refer



$ scoop bucket add pgollangi-bucket  
$ scoop install netselect


brew install pgollangi/tap/netselect


  1. Download and install binary from the latest release.
  2. Recommended: add netselect executable to your $PATH.

Github Repo:

Star if you find this tool useful. Open an Issue if you come across any problem using tool. Submit a PR if you would like an improvement.